Our Values


Work and business management is based on certain key values that are central to day-to-day operations. Health and safety, teamwork, respect, accountability, integrity, and excellence have always been our cornerstones and will guide us into the future.

Health and Safety

Health and safety of both our employees and the general public are crucial at Intragaz. We are committed to protecting all our resources - people and equipment - by eliminating the root cause of any hazard to employee health or safety.

Intragaz believes it is essential to continually raise awareness and stimulate thinking to ensure that employees always take health and safety into account. Over the years we have developed tools and made them available to all, in order to establish a culture where health and safety is second nature.

IIntragaz aims to have no work-related accidents. In June 2017, the Saint-Flavien site succeeded to have not a single accident in 19 years and, in February 2017, the Pointe-du-Lac site completed 16 years without any.

From initial exploration to daily site management, Intragaz promotes personal safety, minimizes the environmental impact of its facilities, and ensures the peace of mind of area residents.

We strive to maintain a safe and healthy working environment and to eliminate any risk of injury, occupational illness, environmental damage, equipment damage, and production loss.

Bouton Haut

Intragaz is committed to the health and quality of life of the general public and we make sure that our activities take the environment into account. In our decision making processes we promote sustainable development that protects both people and the environment.

At Intragaz, we strive to uphold positive long-term relations with all our partners.

Bouton Haut