Intragaz develops and operates underground natural gas storage facilities. We operate the only two natural gas underground storage sites in Quebec. The unique aspect and the complex geology of the sites allowed us to develop our technical, economic, and regulatory expertise.

Underground natural gas storage sites are a completely natural resource. Storing natural gas underground is one of the simplest, most secure, discreet, and economical ways to ensure the balance between natural gas supply and demand. Naturally leaktight, the main geological formations used for storage are depleted natural gas or petroleum reservoirs, reservoirs installed in porous rock saturated with water (aquifer), and reservoirs excavated in salt cavern.

Besides his reliable services to Énergir, Intragaz aims to have no work-related accidents. In June 2017, the Saint-Flavien site succeeded to have not a single accident in 19 years and, in February 2018 the Pointe-du-Lac site completed 17 years without any. 

In 2016, it was with great pride that Intragaz underlined his 25 years of existence.